Stop! 5 Things You Must Do BEFORE Sending Your Blog Post Live (If You Want the Best Results)

So, you have created an engaging, informative and topical blog post. You are about to hit Publish and send it live, out on the web for the world to see.

Blogging tips - InfographicsStop! Before you go any further, ask yourself – are you getting the absolute best leverage from your efforts?

How many people actually see your post? Is your blog helping you to gain extra traffic and build links? Are the rewards sufficient to repay the time and effort you put into writing those epic articles?

Chances are you are skipping some of the most important steps in the blog process – the steps that have nothing to do with the copy content.

1. Do you have a strategy to promote your post – or are you assuming Google will just ‘find’ it?
Before you publish your post you should already have a plan outlining how you will promote it to generate traffic. This can involve online networking where you reach out to let other sites know about your blog post. Or you could gather some complementary online articles and post them on a content curation website such as Storify. Other sites are always looking for good content – let them know you can supply it.

2. Did you add a photo, image, infographic or video?
Images catch the eye and increase your post’s appeal to readers. As a general rule of thumb, for a 500-word blog post, aim for one or two images. Ensure the images are tagged with a title, description and/or the relevant keywords, to ensure they are indexed in search results.

3. Is your post social media friendly?
To generate maximum traffic, your blog needs to appear on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Google+. Make it easy for visitors to share your post online by integrating the relevant Like or Share buttons –the major blog sites such as WordPress and Blogger have a simple process to do this. There is also another advantage of using social media – it provides a social proof measure for search engines which can improve your ranking.

4. Have you optimised your blog for links?
There are many ways to maximise the benefits of links (internal, incoming and outgoing) – too many to list here. (We’ll do a separate blog post on links soon). Suffice to say, you must have a link strategy if you want search engines to decide that your site has quality content.

5. Could you repurpose the information in other formats?
You’ve put a lot of work into that blog post. Is there a way you can leverage that information by sharing it in another format? Perhaps a version could be converted into a presentation or added to a document-sharing website. Add a summary to your newsletter or convert it to an infographic for your client e-mailout. Be creative, the possibilities are endless.

Brought to you by the Sushi Digital Team. Sushi Digital has a dedicated social media team who can help you build a better blog or social media strategy to generate traffic to your website. To find out more about how we can help you, contact us on

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