5 Tips on what to do (and not to do) to improve your SEO rankings

1. When do I need to start thinking about SEO?

The answer here is simple – insist on SEO from the beginning. The first thing to remember about organic (non-paid) search engine rankings is that every website should be built from the ground up to be SEO-friendly.

If you are looking to update your site or create a new one, make sure your web designer understands that you expect SEO to be built into your website as part of the website creation package.

Unfortunately many website design companies still do not perform this essential service. You must insist at the beginning because although you can change the content later on, many of the SEO elements can only be altered by the web developer.

Many website builders will charge extra for this service so be aware of it when you’re shopping around. Leaving this until after the build will create additional expense and delay.

2. Can you ‘hide’ key terms in the code so my site will rank higher?

Ah, we get this a LOT!  Back in the dark old days, web developers used to hide code and text to trick search engines into thinking their website was relevant. Flooding keywords repeatedly in the background, making key terms invisible by using font colours the same as the background – these were common practices. Sushi remembers this from almost 20 years ago, and what’s most surprising is we still see it being done today! The major search engines have developed increasingly sophisticated algorithms to determine their search results and any deliberate attempts to manipulate the results will backfire. (Don’t just take our word for it, check it out yourself at Webmasters Guidelines )

3.  If I register a bunch of different domain names and add the same website on each of them will that improve my SEO?

Not unless you want to be penalised! And who wants that?! Duplicate sites, mirrored sites and funky stuff that tries to mislead viewers is not only seriously uncool, it is another strict no-no. You’ll be in the bad books of any of the major search engines if you try this. If you have a number of domains registered and would like these to link to your main website than you can – and the only proper way to do this is through a properly set up 301 redirection, talk to your web sys admin to set this up!

4.  What does ‘on-page’ SEO mean?

‘On-page SEO’ is simply a phrase used to describe SEO strategies that are built into the website itself to make it as search-engine friendly as possible. Examples of on-page SEO elements include title tags, image attributes , content and meta descriptions and heading tags. You shouldn’t have to know much about these, except to insist your website has them.

5.  Ok – but what is ‘off-page SEO’?

There are a lot of different activities that fall into category of off-page SEO. Again, they form part of a comprehensive SEO strategy.  Examples include:

  1.  Listings in local online directories
  2.  Social media activities – integrating your website to social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  3.  Publishing relevant and useful articles related to your topic or industry
  4.  Press releases, Social bookmarking and more.

Sushi Digital websites are built from the ground up to be as SEO friendly as possible. We work with our clients from the beginning to ensure we understand their key terms so that their website and content are really geared towards optimising search.
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Brought to you by the Sushi Digital Team. To find out more, contact us on hello@sushidigital.com.au.

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