THINK LOCAL: Six blog ideas to boost your local search engine ranking

You know that search engine ranking (SER) is important. For example, if your business is on the third or fourth page of Google results, you will receive less than one percent of the traffic of a first-page listing.

So what can you do if you are not getting ranked on the first page of search engine results?

First of all make sure you have a comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy in place.

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This should include regular content updates through news alerts, blog posts or similar.

If you are confident that the basics have been established, but the traffic numbers are not what they should be, then it’s time to look at other ways to tweak your settings.

Consider a “local focus” strategy to boost your listing, by using local topics as the basis of your site content updates.

Here are six “local focus” blog topics that can help attract new customers by focusing on your geographic location.

1. Customer Achievements

What is happening in your customer’s lives? You should be asking customers about themselves, it’s just good business. And if you happen to know a customer is celebrating a significant milestone in their life, or an achievement in their own business, ask them if you can take a photo and post the details to celebrate with them!

2. Product Success Stories

Your product or service is helping people every day, to make their life easier or solving a problem for them. So it’s time to feature some of the most innovative and interesting ways people have made use of the products or services that you offer, and the ways your product has helped them. Your customers will feel appreciated, and local readers might find that the people featured in the story are actually people that they know.

3. Community Profiles

Introduce the people and events in your business community to your web visitors. Talk about your neighbours, your suppliers and local events. Share what makes them tick, their accomplishments and say how proud you are to have them in your network.

4. Expert Interviews

Who do you know in your extended network who is an expert on a topic that your customers would be interested in? Ask them if they will be part of a guest interview or write a guest post for your site. Their knowledge will provide useful information to your customers, and will provide your guest with access to your web visitors. Also consider offering to write guest blogs for others in your network, as well as for business groups such as the local Chamber of Commerce.

5. Support Local Charities

It’s always good to pay things forward. Help out a local community group by featuring their work or promoting a local fundraiser or event. Share stories and photos if your team is directly participating, or provide a link for online contributions in your blog.

6. Seasonal Activities and Local Milestones

Other local elements to add to your content updates include the seasons and local important observations. Look for relevant but creative ideas. For example, a spell of unseasonal hot weather may prompt a special deal if you sell air-conditioning, ice creams or run the local pool. A florist could write about which flowers are in season, or a greengrocer outline the best summer fruit. Also think about local observances such as Australia Day, Chinese New Year or Thanksgiving, depending on your location.

Don’t hesitate to ask people to share – remember, most people are happy to support local business owners, especially if the blog features them or someone they know. And make sure you are using social media forums effectively to promote each new post.

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