7 Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Company Social Media Channels

Are you unsure about the best way to manage your company’s social media presence? Here are 7 simple tips to help you get more traffic.

1. Post regular updates

It seems obvious, but no one likes to see that a page they’ve landed on hasn’t been updated since 2006!

Your audience and customers want regular updates and that’s what will keep them coming back. Updates can consist of news, pictures, status updates about your company, your people and your projects, industry news, local events or even jokes!

Every post will help engage and connect with your audience and build a group of people who have your brand at top of mind.

2. Develop a consistent style

7 Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Company Social Media Channels

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It’s important to develop a specific and distinct company ‘voice’ that remains consistent across all posts and all channels. Do this by creating some basic style guidelines and sticking to them. Keep the language style the same with each of your posts and develop a clear and consistent company personality online. Have the same person posting on your social media channels and ensure the same style of language appears consistently in your other marketing materials (such as your website, printed material and advertising).

3. Comment on others’ posts and updates

Everyone likes to be noticed. Interact with your audience by posting replies to their comments and status updates. Acknowledge good comments and always reply to negative remarks to show you’re on top of it and not afraid! Show you have something valuable to offer by provided relevant information. For example, on LinkedIn, show your expertise by offering advice and sharing articles you think others may find useful.

4. ‘Like’ often and be generous with your praise

Everyone likes to be liked! If a colleague has updated their LinkedIn profile with a new job or promotion, ‘like’ their post and congratulate them! Acknowledgement by your peers is always appreciated and again, keeps you top of mind.

5. Help whenever you can

We live in a society that values reciprocity. Help those around you and the favour will be returned. If you see something on your feed that someone might find useful, send it off to them. If you see a great recipe that you know your friends would love, share the post. If you see a job advertised that a friend might be interested in, send it to them. If you know that one contact is looking for a service that another can provide, introduce them. Be the hub in your community.

6. Connect with relevant pages and contacts

Define your company’s personality by connecting with pages and personalities that help determine how you want to be seen. Choose pages from your industry, associations, local businesses, your city, arts and events, music and food, sports clubs and sporting events as well as personal connections to build up your network.

7. Don’t be shy

If you want to engage online, you need to be visible. Ensure you check your privacy settings to make sure the information that you want made public is available. Talk about your company’s achievements as much as you can – how else will your contacts know about your achievements? If you’re a restaurant, add your menu to the photo album, if you’re a recruiter, post every new available job that becomes available. Don’t be shy, your social media channels enable you to establish a greater footprint on the web, so use them!

There are many other ways to increase traffic to your social media channels, but these 7 points are a place to get started. Good luck!

Brought to you by the Sushi Digital Team. To find out more about web design, app development, and social media, contact us on hello@sushidigital.com.au.

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