Choosing a Web Design Company – What to Look for

Is your existing website looking a little old or tired? Or is it failing to deliver the amount of traffic it should?

Your website is a critical tool that should be working hard for you 24/7 – delivering lots of traffic, new clients and business growth.

It is important to realise that websites are not a ‘set and forget’ asset. Technology is changing fast and it doesn’t take long for a website to become out of date.

website design albany, bunbury, mandurah and geraldton

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To get the best from your website you need to be monitoring what it delivers, and discussing that performance with your web design company, which can keep you up to date on the latest developments.

But how do you find the right web development company? One that has a team of people who can give you the best advice, who are friendly and helpful to work with, who have great ideas and who provide terrific value? Here are some questions to ask that will help you choose the right website designer Perth to work with into the future.

Do you have a portfolio of completed projects?

A reputable web development company should have completed projects on its website to show its track record and the scope of works it can undertake. Visit the clients’ websites and see if you are happy with their design and functionality. Independent tests can also be performed, such as website speed tests, checking their page rank and domain authority and viewing the site map to see if the layout is logical.

Customer Testimonials

Nothing beats a genuine testimonial from a web designer’s existing clients. If there are testimonials on the company’s website, ensure that they are legitimate by checking that they have full names and business details of the person providing the testimonial. If there are no testimonials, don’t be afraid to call the companies on the portfolio page and ask some questions.

Questions and Answers

The decisions about your website should be a collaborate process, a discussion of the merits of the various options available.

Your web designers Perth WA should ask you for information about your website objectives, target visitors, technology requirements and expectation.

There are pros and cons to every website enhancement, and a good web development company should not always say yes – but should point out better options where they are available.

Your web developers Perth WA should also provide you with a detailed project outline – a step by step guideline that outlines the flow of data and communication between you, customer service and the technical team.

Complete web marketing service

It’s all very well to build a great website, but it won’t help your business if no-one sees it.

A website should be part of a complete digital marketing service – so a company that offers a complete service will provide better value and make your life simpler.
website design albany, bunbury, mandurah and geraldton
Check that your Perth web designer company can provide the following services in-house:

• graphic design,
• web design,
• back end and front end development,
• mobile app programming,
• online marketing advice,
• social media advice,
• copywriting,
• Adwords campaign advice, and
• quality assurance.

Your web company should be able to guide you in marketing your product or services, provide information on tips and trends, help you update content and ensure your website features prominently in website search results.

What does the Web Design Package include?

Make sure you are not being short-changed. Does your web design package include:

• custom design,
• mobile compatibility,
• optimised web pages,
• technical and client services support,
• free CMS training, and
• a complete web marketing service.

Which Web Development Platform do you use?

The cost of web development need not be expensive today, and you would need to have a very good reason to have a system created for you from scratch.

The existence of various open source web design platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla has greatly simplified the web creation process.

WordPress is completely free, and its open-source nature means that plugins are continually being created to meet every business need.

It is used by companies from small to large, including those with a massive online presence, such as Ebay, Yahoo, Sony, CNN and the Wall Street Journal.

Location, location, location

Does your potential website company explain themselves on their website? Do they have a dedicated business office and a street address?

Dealing with a website design company that has no physical address can be a risk – ask about their company structure and location before you decide.

Location is also important in relation to hosting – where is your website going to be located? The hosting location is part of the Google ranking algorithm, meaning that the nearer your web hosting is to your customers, the better your search result rank.

Size does matter!

web design albany, bunbury, mandurah and geraldtonWebsites and designing for all the major browsers, mobile and tablet devices and screen sizes mean that designing and building websites these days has become a complex and specialised task.

Make sure the web design company you choose has enough experts in each of the stages to give you the professional, quality product you’re wanting for your business. This is not the time to employ a jack-of-all-trades!

To ensure your website is designed and built to the highest quality level, the website requires the following expertise depending on the complexity of the project: graphic design, web design, front end development, back end development, app development, SEO expertise, project management, copywriting, testing and quality assurance, and web systems administration.

One web designer or developer can’t do it all. Ensure your web design company can handle today’s website builds for your company website.

Sushi Digital can help – ask for a free website audit

If you are finding it hard to choose the right web design company for you, give Sushi Digital a call. We are very friendly, easy to talk to and we speak in plain language that everyone can understand – no tech-speak!

We would love to provide you with an audit of your current website and then have a chat with you about the results.

Call Sushi Digital today on 1300 301 988.

Mandurah, Albany, Malaga and Geraldton web design service

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