Digital marketing – 4 reasons why you need more than a website

Do you have a company website but you are only getting a small amount of customer traffic from Google? Are you wondering why? Have you got all the basics in place – a well-designed website with detailed products or services, contact addresses and portfolios, but still no traffic? Unfortunately, just having a website, even a great website, is not enough on its own to bring Google traffic to your site. Digital marketing is the only way to level up the competition and make sure those searches are directing traffic to your website.

Billions of searches every day
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Infographic: Digital marketing – 4 reasons why you need more than a websiteThe internet search engines, such as Google, follow strict formulas that determine which websites will be successful for each keyword search. Have a look at the statistics. There are 40,000 searches using Google every second. Every second! That totals more than 3.5 billion searches over 24 hours. There could be thousands of searches every month looking for your service or products. And the only way to get the market share you want is through digital marketing.

Why bother with digital marketing?

Think of it this way. Imagine your website is a race car. It has been painstakingly manufactured to the highest specifications, using the best materials and it looks great too.  But it’s just sitting there on the start line. Digital marketing is the high octane fuel you need to speed your website traffic statistics, and your business, into the stratosphere.

What is digital marketing?

In its simplest sense, digital marketing is promotion of your business online. If you think of your website or mobile site as a shopfront, digital marketing encompasses all the ways your website can attract customers (known as ‘traffic’).

Some types of digital marketing are:

• Search engine marketing • Online display advertising
• Adwords campaigns • Email marketing
• Video search engine optimisation • QR codes
• Social media activity Mobile strategies
• Blogs and forums • Content delivery

Setting up a digital marketing strategy will help promote your website and your business everywhere in the online world. The goal of digital marketing is to make sure that online customers searching for your product or service, are directed to your website.

Reasons why digital marketing is the key to success.

1. Get more visitors to your site
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Infographic: Digital marketing – 4 reasons why you need more than a websiteSearch engine traffic can increase the number of visits to your site exponentially. In a recent Sushi Digital marketing project, the Subiaco Business Centre enjoyed a jump of more than 100% in traffic following three months of search engine optimisation.

For another Sushi Digital client, a karate training website which was created in 2013 received only 30 visitors in the first week. After a year of a digital campaigning including optimised website design and positive customer feedback from Australian review websites, the site is now enjoying more than 800 visitors per month.

2. Digital marketing converts better than other media

Research shows that digital marketing provides better conversion ratios than traditional adverting such as television, print media and radio. The recent slump in adverting sales for television and print media and the dramatic increase in mobile platform adoption are testaments to this change. A digital marketing strategy provides a way for small and medium business to grab customers away from their big competitors.

3. A cost-effective solution

Digital marketing is suited to small and medium businesses that have limited resources and capitalisation. The amount spent is infinitely adjustable to the budget and aims of the individual business. Many of the digital advertising models work on a ‘pay for results’ basis, which means a highly cost-effective campaign is possible. And many of the digital marketing platforms such as social media, email software and online directories are completely free – costing only the time to update them.

4. Measurable and Targeted

Innovative entrepreneurs spend more on digital marketing than traditional media not only for its effectiveness but for its ability to target specific demographics, and generate measurable statistics using intelligent software. Statistic reports enable you to tell at a glance what is working, and what is not. This information can then be used to continue to fine-tune and adjust your campaign to achieve the greatest results.

Brought to you by the Sushi Digital Team in Perth, Australia. To find out more about how Sushi can help you establish a successful digital marketing campaign, contact us on or phone 1300 301 988.

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Infographic: Digital marketing – 4 reasons why you need more than a website

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